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Venous Insufficiency Symptoms Checklist – Vein Institute of Utah

Venous insufficiency can result in varicose and/or spider veins that, left untreated, may lead to chronic, debilitating conditions such as leg ulcers. It’s not just uncomfortable or a cosmetic problem. Varicose veins are a sign of a progressive vascular disease.

Here, we offer a quick checklist of some of the most common symptoms of and risk factors for venous insufficiency and varicose veins:

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We are dedicated exclusively to the nonsurgical treatment of varicose veins and have performed more than 12,000 minimally invasive procedures to help patients find relief from this painful, unsightly and potentially serious health concern.

Vein Institute of Utah offers in-office Diagnostic Ultrasound for vein mapping and highly effective treatments for varicose veins, including Endovenous Laser Treatment that gets patients back to their normal routines the same day with minimal pain.

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