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Vein Screenings are Helping People around the World Reduce the Risk of Vein Disease

Vein Screenings by Vein Institute of Utah

With a late diagnosis, varicose veins cause damage to the circulatory system – get a vein screening

Varicose veins are not just ugly, they can cause a lot of leg pain if not treated properly. Sometimes we probably think that having them treated is going to be an ordeal that would be better left out of our schedule.

Vein screenings must take a long time, right?…

It turns out that getting a screening for vein issues is much easier than most think. A simple screening can go a long way towards promoting healthy veins and stopping problems from happening in the first place.

Getting to the problem before it happens is always the preferred situation.

In this guide, we are going to go over the screening process that you would be likely to find in a vascular lab like The Vein Institute of Utah. There are local labs all over the country who work night and day to help people keep their veins healthy

You can schedule an appointment with us right here.

Getting Varicose Vein Screenings will lower your chances of vein disease

That’s right…

A vein screening like the simple ones that we provide for free at the Vein Institute of Utah will lower the risks of you ever getting varicose veins in the first place. We can assess existing varicose veins as well and consult on the type of treatment you need to get them healthy again.

Screenings take less than 5 minutes to perform and the results will last you for up to a year before you should come back for another check-in.

It can be recommended for patients with more risk to come in more often to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Vein Screenings are painless and take about 5 Minutes to have done

Could It really be that easy?

Believe it or not, scheduling a vein screening into your busy day can be very easy. Just 5 minutes is all it can take.

After a short wait and maybe some paperwork, you will be guided back to one of our suites to get your screening

For a deeper look, the technician will use some jelly to enhance the view that we have of the veins. This might be a little cold, but other than that it’s completely comfortable and painless!

Vein screenings are very much like an ultrasound to scan a pregnant belly. The technician will use that same machine to scan the interior veins of your legs, arms, or any other problem areas you might have.

Vein Institute of Utah offers free screening dates often. Read more about them here.

Keeping an eye on your vein health is the best way to guarantee it

The Vein Institute of Utah prides itself on being able to keep patients’ veins healthy. Long after problems arise and (especially) before. Keeping up to date with screenings is the first step towards keeping an eye on your veins and maintaining your healthy, relaxed lifestyle!

Schedule a vein screening with us right here. Our screenings are complementary when scheduled in advance.

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