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Tests For Venous Disease – Why is our Utah Vein Clinic the Best?

Utah Vein Clinic - Detailed Evaluations | Vein Institute of Utah

Detailed Evaluations

Venous disease affects everyone differently. That is why our physician cultivates a personal relationship with you, and is committed to the health of your veins. This action result in you receiving the right diagnosis and customized treatment.

The initial physical examination include learning about you and your family’s medical history, your vein conditions during pregnancy, issues with blood clots, how much pain you experience, if you smoke, and how often do you participate in some type of exercise.

Test For Venous Disease

As part of the evaluation at our vein center in Utah, you will undergo an ultrasound for venous disease in the legs or a venogram for pelvic congestion. These progressive imaging technologies assist us in mapping out specific blood vessels in your body, so we can better comprehend your issues.

An ultrasound uses the reflection of high frequency acoustic or sound waves to create an image. A sonogram of a fetus during pregnancy is a good example. This painless method allows the physician to measure the blood flow as well as see the structure of the veins inside the lower extremities.

A venogram is an x-ray, coupled with a contrast dye that helps visualize the veins in the pelvic region. When an individual suffers from vein disease in this body cavity, this procedure can help doctors access the health of your vascular system and valves.

How It’s Done

During a comprehensive ultrasound evaluation, a handheld device called a transducer is used. This instrument converts one form of energy to another by switching from behaving as an actuator, and then changing into a sensor.
The transducer is placed over the affected area, transferring high-frequency sound waves. The human ear cannot distinguish them. As the acoustic waves reverberate off the veins, they are reflected back as detailed images on the external monitor. The monitor will reveal if there are venous insufficiencies by showing moving images, which are easier to analyze than still depictions. The complete process takes approximately 40 minutes for both legs.

After the examination, we will be able to determine the best options that are available for your problems and answer all your inquiries. This non-invasive test helps us develop a road-map in reference to the blood flow in your deep and superficial veins.

Expert Doctor & Staff

Dr. Ehsan Hadjbian has devoted his entire Salt Lake vein clinic to venous treatments. He only utilizes cutting-edge technology and progressive techniques to treat veins. He is resolute in employing advance medicine to help maintain his patients’ health. Providing his clients safe, painless, and nonsurgical office procedures that are more affordable than hospital-based invasive surgeries is important to him.

After treating thousands of patients with varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and spider veins, Dr. Ehsan Hadjbian years of experience have taught him that every individual is unique and requires specialized care.

His medical staff or team is equally professional, compassionate, and supportive in communicating with patients, and making them feel at ease with their Utah veins screenings.

Free Screenings At The Vein Institute Of Utah

The Vein Institute of Utah hosts free varicose and spider vein screening throughout the year. Future screenings by our Utah vein specialists will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 909 East 9400 South, Aspen Plaza 9400 Shopping Center in our Sandy, Utah office.

If you are having difficulties with the blood vessels involving your legs or pelvis, it would be wise to make an appointment at our Utah Vein Clinic for a free screening with one of the best Vein doctors in Utah, Dr Hadjbian.