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Spider Vein Laser Treatment

Erase Spider Veins and Gain Confidence With Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

If you suffer from spider veins, you know that in addition to being unattractive, the troublesome veins can cause annoying itching and burning. The good news: With our help, you can get rid of these pains with a simple laser treatment for spider veins. Turn to The Vein Institute of Utah and the experienced, highly trained vein specialist Dr. Ehsan Hadjbian, who uses the latest, most effective procedures to treat spider veins safely and successfully.

Dr. Hadjbian uses either Transilluminated™ or Visual Sclerotherapy to effectively treat spider veins. These in-office procedures don’t require anesthesia, and each session only takes 30 or 60 minutes.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are enlarged or dilated blood vessels that have a tendency of forming a branching pattern. They are mostly found on the lower legs, the face or on the thigh. The stretched blood vessels are usually small and in most cases they are blue, red or purple in color. As for varicose veins, they are larger and also tend to be more deep purple in color. In addition, they can be painful, while spider veins are painless. As one grows older, spider veins increase in number and they also become more visible. Therefore, we recommend that you see a doctor once you see the symptoms.

What Causes of Spider Veins?

The main cause of spider veins is not known for a fact however, research says that there are some things that may result to or cause the spider veins. Some of them include:

  • Genetic susceptibility
  • Obesity
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Menopause
  • Influences of pregnancy hormones
  • Influence of adolescence hormones
  • Account of blood clots in the past
  • Use of family planning pills

How Does Spider Vein Laser Treatment Work?

Spider vein therapy is a procedure that is not surgical and also it does not take too much time and thus an outpatient procedure. During the procedure, you will be lying down and some discomfort should be expected due to the injections. Normally, the doctor will inject each of your visible stretched veins with a certain solution. The solution is supposed to make the spider vein fade away after a few weeks.

In the case of large spider veins or spider veins on the lower parts of the leg, laser surgery together with the injection may be necessary. The treatment for spider veins in the lower parts of a leg should take about two to four weeks.

  • Transilluminated™ Sclerotherapy –To achieve long-lasting results, Dr. Hadjbian uses an advanced device called the Veinlite to locate the often hard-to-find superficial feeder veins that cause spider veins. He then treats these feeder veins through Transilluminated Sclerotherapy™. The Veinlite transilluminates the skin and makes it translucent so the feeder veins can be easily seen. Sclerotherapy is then used to eliminate these veins, making the treatment of the overlying spider veins more effective.
  • Visual Sclerotherapy – Visual sclerotherapy uses micro-fine needles to inject a solution into problem veins. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution into problem veins using a fine needle. The solution causes the veins to scar and collapse so blood can no longer fill the veins. The body absorbs the diseased veins and reroutes blood to healthy veins within a few weeks. Sclerotherapy treatments usually are administered in three to five separate sessions to provide desired results. This treatment can eliminate unsightly purple and blue veins.

What to Expect During Spider Vein Treatment Recovery

Sclerotherapy which is basically the injections administered to your veins does not require a recovery period. This is because it is not a surgical procedure. However, we recommend that you exercise your legs by walking and also one should wear tights for a while immediately after the procedure. Standing and sitting for so long can be bad for your recovery process and should be avoided.

You may experience some side effects after the treatment such as itching and color change which is usually in the form of lingering brownish pigmentations, inflammation and cramping in the legs for a period of one or two days but eventually fade away. However, if the side effects persist please see a doctor.

Laser Spider Vein Treatment Results

Sclerotherapy patients usually see results within two to five weeks. Although patients sometimes report side effects of Sclerotherapy such as brief itching, and treated areas may appear bruised for a few days, usually there is little to no discomfort.

Dr. Hadjbian will schedule a follow-up visit after the procedure to check on how you are doing and determine whether you may need additional sessions.

  • The number of sessions needed to reach a patient’s goals varies due to the number and size of the veins treated.
  • Treatments are usually spaced four to six weeks apart.

Patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Treated veins generally don’t come back, but new veins may appear. There is no cure for spider veins, but Dr. Hadjbian can eliminate current ones and help to control future vein problems. Take the first step toward better-looking, better-feeling legs by setting up your initial consultation. Schedule an appointment online or give Dr. Hadjbian a call at (801) 386-5903.

What is the cost of Spider Vein Treatment?

At Vein Institute of Utah , all types of spider veins treatments are offered apart from that of face spider veins. Our prices are reasonable and are dependent on the number of injections you receive as well as the treatment option you choose. Dr. Hadjibian is our spider vein specialist and he will advise you accordingly on the costs of the treatment as well as the payment options. We recommend that you check if your insurance cover can be used for spider vein treatment and also check out our spider vein payment plans through Care Credit.

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