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Utah Vein Disease Treatment – Am I a candidate?

Utah vein disease - am I a candidate

When is deciding to get vein treatment a good idea? Even though varicose veins, or another vein disease, may not seem like a big deal, they are important to your overall health. So where should you begin? The first step to determine whether you would benefit from one of the treatments that the Vein Institute of Utah offers for varicose or spider veins is to answer a few simple questions.

Vein Disease Candidacy Survey:

  1. Have you ever been diagnosed with varicose veins or other venous diseases?
  2. Are problematic veins visable on you legs or other body parts?
    • Large or bulging
    • Swollen, red or warm
    • Discoloration
  3. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms in your legs and ankles?
    • Pain
    • Tiredness
    • Burning
    • Sensitivity
    • Sores
    • Swelling
  4. Have you tried conservative, non-medicinal or home remedies for varicose veins? (These include weightloss, leg elevation, using compression stockings, etc.)

Benefits of vein treatment from the Vein Institute of Utah

If you are suffering from varicose, spider or another vein disease, you are most likely seeking relief because you are uncomfortable. The benefits of vein treatment are simple, you will immediately feel more comfortable, both from pain relief and self consciousness.

Experienced Vein Disease Treatment Doctor

Dr. Hadjbian is the most experienced vein surgeon in Utah. His experience and training, along with state of the art technology, have given him the tools to be able to treat your venous disease with near 100 percent success rate. His first priority is your health.

If you are not sure, set up a free screening with our staff so that you can understand more about the dangers of varicose veins. Varicose veins, by themselves are typically not dangerous. However, developing varicose veins puts you at risk for more serious medical conditions. These conditions include deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms, both of which can be fatal.

Get Treated Today!

Don’t suffer with painful, unsightly veins. Get treated today and move on to a healthier and more comfortable body. Call us today, or fill use this link to set up an appointment. You can also schedule a free screening on our provided dates. Our experienced staff will ensure you get the vein disease treatment you need!